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Ultimate Tango Kids


  • Dress Code - GIRLS

    Pants that are comfortable and form fitting – leggings are recommended. No short pants allowed during classes. Transparent and fishnet tops are not allowed during classes. Clothes must allow for free movement and shall not distract other students. Plain colors are recommended. Seeing the line of the body while students are moving is helpful in making adjustments to their technique in class. Female tango dancer perform in dresses with line of legs being visible, so leggings are recommended for training.

  • Dress Code - BOYS

    Baggy pants or dress pants / sweat pants are perfectly fine. No short pants allowed. Pants shall not cover feet. No short pants allowed during classes. Transparent and fishnet tops are not allowed during classes. Clothes must allow for free movement and shall not distract other students. Plain colors are recommended. Seeing the line of the body while students are moving is helpful in making adjustments to their technique in class. Male tango dancer perform in special tango pants that have a baggy cut, so similar pants are recommended for training.

  • Dress Code - Hair and Jewelry

    Students must have hair tied back off of face. Jewelry is not allowed to be worn during class.

  • Dress Code - Shoes

    Dance snickers are required.
    Tango shoes custom made in Buenos Aires will be distributed to all students couple of weeks before the Recital.

  • Dress Code - Street clothes

    Students should wear street clothes and shoes when entering and leaving Ultimate Tango premises. It is important to either change clothes or to wear warm over-layer to prevent tendon and muscle pain and sickness.

  • Parking

    Street parking (free after 6pm) and municipal parking lots (also free after 6pm) are easily available. Please refer to the map on CONTACT US page

  • Arriving at the Studio

    We recommend that you arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class to give you ample time to prepare. We kindly ask that all students be picked up immediately following the end of class. Please note that change of shoes or socks are required for anyone entering the dance floor.

  • Tardiness

    Students are not permitted to participate in a class after entering late without the permission of the instructor, but they are required to remain in the class so not to lose any new material. The instructor will use his/her own judgment and clearly indicate when the student can join the class activities.

  • Absence and make up classes

    In order for your child’s absence to be eligible for a make-up class, it must be reported by email not later than 24 hrs before the class. While absences may occur for any number of reasons, we are only able to offer make-up classes for those absences due to illness, family emergency, or religious holidays. If your child is injured and will miss a prolonged series of classes, we ask that you provide us with an applicable doctor’s note. Please note that tuition will not be adjusted for those weeks missed unless the student withdraws. Absences should be reported 24hrs prior to the missed class in writing via email at studio@UltimateTangoKids.com. Students are urged to make up any classes that are missed by attending lower age class option.

    Make up classes must be completed within a week after absence. Ask your child’s instructor for advice on make up classes.

  • Parents Designated Areas

    Parents are asked to please either remain in dedicated space during class times or leave the studio, so that the student can focus his/her entire attention on dance. No class watching is permitted. Parents Observation Weeks and Recital dates are listed HERE.

  • Parent Observation Weeks

    During Parent Observation Weeks family and friends are invited into the classroom to observe students’ progress throughout the year. With the exception of the scheduled Parent Observation Weeks, we kindly ask that family members wait in the designated area until the student is finished with class. The presence of “an audience” or multiple adults creates a distraction and takes attention away from the teacher’s instruction.

  • Lost and stolen property

    The School is not responsible for lost or stolen personal property. Please leave all valuables at home. Please label dancewear with student’s name.

  • Physical Exam

    Dance is a strenuous activity. Ultimate Tango Kids School of Dance suggests a complete physical prior to starting classes..

  • Tuition refunds

    Tuition is fully refundable (minus Registration Fee) within the Trail Month if the Instructors, Parents, or both determine that the students will not properly benefit from the program. After final placement (October 10th) tuition is no longer refundable except in the case of serious illness or injury with written verification from a physician. Ultimate Tango School of Dance does not refunds registration fees.

  • Required enrollment numbers

    Classes are contingent upon meeting required enrollment numbers. The Ultimate Tango, Kids division, may cancel any classes not meeting enrollment requirements.

  • Food and beverages

    Students may bring non-breakable water bottles to class. Food and/or other beverages are only allowed in designated snack areas only. Please clean up after yourself. Gum is not allowed on Ultimate Tango premises.

  • Attending adult classes

    All parents with kid(s) enrolled in Ultimate Tango Kids program are eligible for 20% off of any adult classes held at Ultimate Tango by Ultimate Tango Instructors. Students 16 and older are allowed in adult classes and Milongas if accompanied by parent actively participating in the class.

  • Updated contact info

    We communicate important school information and updates to our parents primarily via email so please make sure we have your correct email address.

  • School Closing Information

    Closings due to inclement weather or other emergencies are listed both on schedule as well as our website. In addition you will receive email notification not later than 3 hrs before the class.

  • Waiting List

    If, after submitting registration forms, you are notified the class you selected is full, you may request to be placed on the waiting list for that class. If a spot becomes available, you will be contacted. If you enroll in another section, or any other class, the waiting list option will not be available to you.

  • Building Etiquette

    With the goal of creating a safe, welcoming, and positive experience for all students, Ultimate Tango School of Dance holds students, families, faculty, and staff to a high standard of personal decorum and expects individuals, at all times, to demonstrate respect for others, the facilities, and to promote an environment which is safe, positive, and welcoming of diversity.